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10 Budgeting Tips for Your Business or Household

  1. Be aware of your income. It is important to know how much money you have to work with.

  2. Be aware of what your expenses are. Draft a list of ALL your expenses. Be sure to include those expenses that are quarterly and annually.

  3. Determine if you have enough income to cover your expenses. If you barely have enough or fall short, try to figure out if there are any expenses you can cut or lower in price. If you have more than enough income, consider how you can save and/or invest the additional funds, allowing for growth.

  4. Set an overall goal of how much you would like your net income to be at the end of the year. Divide the goal amount into quarters to determine your quarterly goal, also divide the overall goal amount by 12 to determine your monthly goal.

  5. Create a sales plan to achieve the desired revenue needed.

  6. Set a limit for each expense. Be sure that the expense stays within limit and does not exceed the budget.

  7. Automated accounting software are efficient and useful tools to track your financial transactions.

  8. Review your budget monthly to track the progression of your goal.

  9. If applicable, identify needed adjustments (to income and/or expenses) to stay on course of achieving budgetary goal.

  10. Consider working with a professional bookkeeper to budget for your business or household.



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