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Advisory & Consultation Subscription Sch
Our concierge service allows you to allot your valuable time where it's needed most. We cater to you. We will review the monthly financial position of your business; observe all current liquid asset accounts; analyze cash flow activity, revenue streams, and expenditures to help manage and control any factors effecting the equity of your business. This monthly subscription is an add-on to any bookkeeping package and includes the following White-Glove services:
  • Weekly Communication (Phone/Email)
  •  Monthly Office Visit & Meeting
  • Monthly Financial Review
  • Monthly Budget Review & Planning
  • Quarterly Business Strategy Review & Planning
You focus on making the money, while we focus on how the money is working. The Essential Advisory monthly subscription provides a review of current financial position and financial activity, creating a budget, and providing a quarterly budget report. There will also be a quarterly review session (held virtually) to discuss the budget report any budget adjustments that may be needed. 
The Accounting Consultation Subscription is a monthly plan that's perfect for those who manage their own bookkeeping, but would benefit from professional monthly consultations; reviewing accounting entries made and addressing any prevailing questions. A quarterly review of financial statements is also provided.
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