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TFMS Client Testimonials

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-Nikki Ashe, Givon Enterprises, LLC. 
"TFMS has enhanced my business efforts and helped me move into the next level of my entrepreneurship! Their business bookkeeping services has identified my expenses, highlighted my income, and has organized and re-strategized my operations. In addition, their coaching efforts have helped me to realize the value of my services, motivated me to maintain a higher profit margin, and highly encourage me to step outside of my comfort zone to reach my full potential as a motivational speaker, empowering trainer and influential strategist.  TFMS is not only an valuable asset to my company but a VIP in my life!"
- Trish Ennis, Beauty Boss Team, LLC. 
"When Eboni and I have our coaching sessions, they are always full of knowledge. In each and every one of our coaching sessions, she has pushed me to do better and given me the encouragement to increase my networking circle in addition to pushing me in the right direction to take my vision to the next level. Whenever I find myself at a stand-still Eboni is there to help me through my “entrepreneurial block.” I must say that working with Eboni has been absolutely AMAZING! She is so much more than a financial consultant, she is also a marketing coach, operations manager, as well as a strategist. While working with Eboni over the past 6 months I have seen my business grow tenfold. She is not only able to see the point of view of the entrepreneur, she is also able to look at the business as a customer. This outlook has helped me to be more conscious of my customers’ needs and wants. Looking at my business through Eboni’s eyes allows me to stand out from my competition even more. Eboni has been phenomenal in looking at ALL aspects of my business and she has challenged my creative as well as logical side of my business to make sure they coincide with one another other. I am so glad to have her in my circle to elevate my business!"
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- Kevin Smoot, EA, AccountAbility Inc.
"I have known Eboni for over 20 years and have had a tremendous experience with her. Having known her personally, worked with her professionally, and been an attendee of one of her networking events and financial workshops, I have been able to become familiar with the wide variety of her knowledge and experience. In her workshop, I left with a much better perspective of my business, how to expand my business, and therefore was able to grow my business immediately. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated to her craft, set on doing things the right way, and enjoyable to be around while balancing professionalism, she would be your go to."  
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- Chinyere Eze,
MS, PA-C, Medical Practitioner, Primary Care 
Eze Health Center
 "I have had the pleasure of working with Eboni after attending one of her financial seminars for business owners back in 2018. Eboni was a true professional from the beginning. During our initial consultation, she reviewed with me the possible needs I would have and helped me determine what the best plan of action would be. Eboni is extremely knowledgeable about financial management and proper bookkeeping standards and really simplified the process for me. She takes the time to thoroughly review all aspects of my business and to simplify things in a way that made sense. Because of Eboni and her excellent work, I now have a much better understanding of my "bottom line" and I feel much more confident about the bookkeeping process. I HIGHLY recommend Trinity Financial Management to any business owner who is wishing to get a greater understanding of the financial elements of their business. " 
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- Lacey Thornton, LifeLove, LLC. 
"Trinity Financial Management Solutions provided me with several services that have benefitted my business as well as my understanding of business. I have attended a TFMS business workshop that helped me to understand the important basics of small business ownership especially banking and financial basics I previously had no idea about. Following this workshop, I obtained a business coaching session which greatly helped me finalize necessary details in starting up my business including but not limited to, business registration forms, marketing strategies, Quickbooks overview and much, much more. I had the amazing opportunity to be featured at a networking event hosted by TFMS where I was able to market my business to the community, sell products and build relationships with local small businesses with similar goals as mine. I would highly recommend TFMS to others! The information, coaching services and networking opportunities have been abundantly beneficial for my business in it's start up stage, however TFMS is so knowledgeable they benefit businesses at any stage in development. I am incredibly grateful for TFMS existing and helping small businesses such as mine gain footing and grow in our community. Seriously, choose TFMS for your small or growing business needs ASAP!" 
- Billy C.
personal client
"The right person to straighten up my finances. My brother, a disabled Veteran with a serious mental condition, reached a point where he no longer could handle his small pension. Because of this, I was named as his conservator and trustee. Before I hired Eboni, there were mountains of papers in my office. The business and health correspondence had become a major problem. Overwhelmed by the constant VA, OPM, and Social Security correspondence - including hospital bills he could not afford to pay; credit card debt that reached in the tens of thousands of dollars. My fear was not living up to the standards and expectations of a conservator and trustee. Thankfully, Eboni got me caught up on late annual financial reports - past due for 2017, 2018, 2019. Thank you, Eboni, for getting me back on track and handling financial matters. You have been a blessing."
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