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TFMS Events Portfolio

Executives & Entrepreneurs:

A Match Made in Business

"I was honored to be a part of a VIP, private, invitation only networking event. I was so glad to be in the place and the connections were amazing. Thank you for hosting this amazing time of fellowship."
"What an awesome event. Thanks for inviting me!"
Theresa Royal Brown & Wanda Farrar.jpg
Chinyere Eze.jpg
Kevin Smoot & Chinyere Eze.jpg
Eboni & Nikki.jpg
Room of Match Making.jpg
"Two Thumbs Up!!
Unique & Exciting!"
Wine Tasting Presentation.jpg
James & Wanda.jpg
Lindsay & Linwood.jpg
"I've attended a few networking events, but this one was different in regards to the atmosphere. It was inviting and I wanted to par-take. Totally awesome. From the workshop presenters, the wine tasting, the ambiance, and most importantly how the businesses were paired off with business dates."
Reid Spotlight.jpg
"It was indeed an amazing event. So glad I was able to be in the place."
"Thank you for putting this event together. What a fun and relaxing environment; wine tasting while networking with others. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next!"
Kevin & Jean.jpg
Krystal Ferguson.jpg
"Very enjoyable event. Thanks for all you did to make it a success!"
"Great Event!"
Geren, Lindsay, Genneya and William & Da
Eboni & Wanda.jpg
Wanda & Linwood.jpg
Eboni, Darrell, Kevin.jpg
Darlene Young & William Makell.jpg
Joann Romano.jpg
Geren Gatlin, Jo Ann Romano, Lindsay You
"The networking soiree was extremely organized and well thought out. It was obvious that great care was taken in the planning and execution of the event."
Eboni, Nikkin & Darrell.jpg
It was Perfect. Well Done!"
David & Beryl.jpg
Nikki & Eboni.jpg
Table 2.jpg
Wine Bottles.jpg
Eboni & RCDC.jpg
Krystal & Popcorn.jpg
Eboni & Rev Regina Ms Donna.jpg
Joann & Wyndham.jpg
Wine Pour.jpg
Darrell & Nikki 2.jpg
Darrell & William.jpg
Wanda & Jean.jpg
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