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Separating and Securing Your Business DOLLAR$

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

There are many things we separate for organization and preservation purposes. For example, when doing laundry, we separate the delicate from the non-delicate, and the dark clothes from the light. We even separate what’s recyclable from the garbage to help save Mother Earth. So if we separate all these things because there’s some good to it (and if we don’t, there’s usually consequences), then I just have one question to pose. As a business owner, why don’t you separate and secure the hard earned money you worked for?

So, what do I mean by separating and securing your business dollars? Well, let’s briefly review the why and how.

Separate Your Business DOLLAR$, WHY?

Before your business earns one red cent, it is important to know where every penny should go. Why? So you can stay in business, duh! But on a serious note, you want to allocate your business funds appropriately to help with budgeting, saving, and investing in the future of your business.

Separate Your Business DOLLAR$, HOW?

You separate your business funds by opening multiple business accounts. Opening multiple specific business accounts allows you to designate and allocate where funds should appropriately go. This helps to avoid the possibility of not having enough cash flow for expenditures. It’s also a measure of security.

Want More?

Would you like to learn more in detail of how to separate and secure your business dollars to achieve financial success? If so, contact and schedule an appointment TODAY with me, at



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