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a series of

30 Day Savings Challenge initiatives 

take change make change is a series of 30 day savings challenges. On a quarterly basis, TFMS will launch a different savings initiative challenge. Each challenge is to encourage the development of healthy saving habits that will benefit both self and worthy national causes. At TFMS, we believe that it is important for one to plan and save for their future, as well as recognize the humanitarian obligation of charity.


How it Works:

Step 1 - Trinity Financial Management Solutions (TFMS) will announce a new savings challenge once per quarter. Each challenge is for 30 days. During the challenge, participants are encouraged to follow the 30 day calendar that is provided and save the recommended amount of money daily over the course of 30 days. If followed as recommended, at the end of 30 days, participants will have accomplished saving a total of $465. How AWESOME is that?!? But wait, the excitement doesn't end there. If you really want to feel good about saving with a purpose, participants have the opportunity to pledge and contribute up to 50% of their savings to the focused cause. It is important to note that participants are not required to save the daily amounts that are being recommended, nor are they required to donate 50% of their savings, these are only recommendations. However, we do encourage you to save and donate whatever amount you are comfortable with. It is the act and deed that counts, not the amount of money.


Step 2 - The Cause & Registration: With each challenge, TFMS will select and announce a cause which will benefit from the proceeds participants commit to save and donate. When committing to make charitable donations, participants will choose the organization they wish to donate to. The only rule is that the organization should relate to the cause that is being highlighted and focused on for the specific challenge initiative. For example, the focused cause may be "Save a Pet." Following the theme of the cause, one participant may choose to donate their proceeds to the local Humane Society, while another may choose to donate to Best Friends Animal Society. To participate, register below and join take change make change. Should participants need help choosing or selecting an organization to donate to, we will provide a list of various organizations that are relatable to the highlighted cause. It is NOT mandatory to donate to any of the organizations provided, but simply an idea of organizations which we're sure will be grateful to receive your charitable contribution.

On October 1, 2020 we are launching our very first take change make change savings challenge initiative. We are proud to announce that the first cause we have chosen to highlight are Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Step 3 - Choose the organization you'd wish to contribute to and make sure you know where to send your donations as well as the method of payment the organization accepts.


Step 4 - (optional) We recommend participants separate the money you are saving daily from your everyday funds. Therefore, you may want to consider opening a new savings account that is ONLY used for the 30 day savings challenge(s) and future savings, or you may choose to use a shiny piggy bank. Whichever works best for you is what you should go with.

Step 5 - Facebook & Instagram. When you register and join take change to make change, participants are encouraged to join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram. On both platforms you will find updates, be able to make comments, and share the progression of your savings journey. Feel free to leave motivating and inspiring comments for your fellow "partners-n-savers."

Step 6 - SHARE and RECRUIT! Spread the word and encourage your friends, family, colleagues, church members, ect. to join our efforts.


Step 7 - DONATE! Send your savings contribution to your organization of choice. 


REGISTER & Accept the challenge...
take change make change

Thank you so much for joining and supporting our efforts!

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