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Be Better. Be Brave. And dare I say it...BUDGET?!

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The holiday season is amongst us. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have enticed many with deals that appear to be steals. All the while, people continue to fill the malls and flood cyberspace as millions count down the days leading up to Christmas. According to, Americans are expected to spend $465 million this holiday season.

Whether gifts are being bought as a symbol of love, or to fulfill a child’s belief in Santa Claus, or to show a coworker a kind gesture; hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent faster than what it takes for most to earn. Therefore, does this possibly suggest, a dollar loses its significance and value because it is so easily and quickly spent? Or, does it simply suggest that there is lack of value in the time, process, and effort it took to earn that dollar?

I pose these two questions to business owners because I’d like for you to reflect on the money you’ve been able to spend as a result of the income your business has earned. Furthermore, reflect on the time and effort it took to gain the customers you were able to sell your products or offer your services to? Would you say it took you much longer to earn your customer than it did to spend that hard earned dollar?

If your answer is yes, then I challenge you to be better, be brave, and budget!

Be Better.

Be a better planner. Plan how you are going to apply each dollar you earn. Set a financial goal and create a process to help you achieve your goal.

Be Brave.

Be brave in those moments you fear of straying away from your financial plan. Remember your purpose and the outcome you will yield by sticking to your plan. Also be mindful of the consequences if you don’t stick to your plan.


Execute your financial plan by creating a budget. Know exactly what your monthly income/profit is, as well as your expenses. Determine if your monthly income is sufficient to cover your expenses, and if not, determine how you can cut back or minimize your expenses. Also, be sure to factor in savings.

I know what some of you are thinking, “easier said than done” or “I’ve tried it and it didn’t work.” Well who ever said anything in life was easy? Nothing is, but I’m here to tell you, in the words of William Edward Hickson, “If at first you don’t succeed; try, try, try again.”

Let Us Help.

For details and assistance on how to create a budget for your business, don’t delay, contact us today! Email us at Your business financial well-being is important to us at Trinity Financial Management Solutions, and we’re here to support both you and your business. (2018, Nov.) Made in America Christmas: Are You In? Retrieved from



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