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3 Helpful Tips to Find & Win the Right Customer

News Flash: Not every customer is the right fit, and guess what! That's okay.

Often times entrepreneurs are eager to chase after any and every type of customer there is; kind of like a dog chasing its tail, going round and round in circles. This is common because entrepreneurs are looking to gain business, experience, exposure, a reputation, and of course make money. However, what they fail to realize is that having too many of the wrong customers doesn't leave much room for the "right" customer. Business owners, this can cause you to miss out on the relationships you desire to gain, and quite frankly probably need. If these circumstances sound a bit familiar to you, don't worry! Here are three tips to help you find and win the "Right" customer.

Tip 1: Know Your Customer - Be very clear and have an understanding of who your ideal customer is. Profile your customer so you know exactly what their needs, wants, likes, and dislikes are. In addition, it is equally important for you to know (1) what solution(s) you have available for the ideal customer, (2) how the solution meets the need(s) of the customer, and (3) how having that ideal customer makes your business better.

Tip 2: Go to Your Customer - After defining and identifying your ideal customer, it's time to find and go to them. Put yourself in their presence. Advertise and market appropriately. Utilize social media to your advantage to meet, follow and show your support. Attend functions that are catered to that ideal customer. Seek and explore referral opportunities.

Tip 3: Grow Your Customer - To grow your business, you need to do what I refer to as the 5 Be's:

  1. Be consistent. Remain steady, accurate, and committed. Be mindful that you are the face of your brand. Inconsistencies leave customers confused and uninterested.

  2. Be engaged. Show your presence, appreciation,and support to your customers.

  3. Be current. Yesterday's news and way of doing things is in the past. You must be willing to evolve and change with the times, otherwise you customer will become the customer of someone else who is current.

  4. Be open for business. When new potential customers come knocking at the door you have to be ready; open for business.

  5. Be aware of your customer volume. Make sure you are equipped for and available to EVERY customer you are obligated to. You owe it to your customers to provide them with the best service and/or product you have to offer. Don't burn the candle from both ends. Having more customers than you can handle can be a disaster waiting to happen.

Finding the right customer doesn't happen over night. It takes just as much time figuring out who you don't want as a customer as it does figuring out who you do. It is import to know you don't have to say yes to every business opportunity. However once you've become clear on who you're ideal customer is, you will be better prepared to acquire and win the business you desire.

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